The rascal, dead, dead, dead approach GOV WIKE is giving to Politics against brothers is the worst in the history of our dear State-Group

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It is sad and disappointing that we gather here to touch on the shameful actions of a Government that ordinarily was supposed to be our celebrated trademark as members of the same political party. However, we’ll not lose sight on the great words of DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., and I quote ” EVIL MAY SO SHAPE EVENTS THAT CAESAR WILL OCCUPY A PALACE, AND CHRIST A CROSS, BUT ONE DAY, THAT SAME CHRIST WILL RISE UP AND SPLIT HISTORY INTO A.D. AND B.C., SO THAT EVEN THE LIFE OF CAESAR MUST BE DATED BY HIS NAME”.

It is worrisome looking at the deadly manner men who were sole beneficiaries of the magnanimity of our great Party could treat others for their goodwill forgetting history. Today should go down in our history as a National Day of pains because men have broken the edge that sees them to the top. It is pertinent to remind GOV. NYESOM WIKE that ” THOSE WHO HAVE THEIR PALM-KERNEL SCRATCHED FOR THEM BY BENEVOLENT SPIRITS, SHOULD NOT LAUGH AT THE MISFORTUNES OF OTHERS “.
The rascal, dead, dead, dead approach GOV WIKE is giving to Politics against brothers who took side embracing their conscious and holding stiff to their interest is the worst in the history of our dear State.
We are aware that GOV. WIKE must have furnished himself with NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI RULES OF POLITICS striving bitterly to have his way, and thereafter reconciling, knowing that “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS”. But, been ignorant of the fact that, that itself does not work everywhere and everytime.
Let me quickly call your attention to the unthinkable actions of this irresponsive Government under the watchful eyes of GOV. NYESOM WIKE.
(1) Few days ago, the government of Rivers State ill championed the unreasonable cancellation of the CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY of a duly paid and approved PLOT OF LAND owned by the DISTINGUISH SENATOR LEE LEDOGO MAEBA JP for the common sin of supporting the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OF OUR GREAT PARTY PDP, ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR.
The question is, how could a human centered Government birthed by PDP be so insensitive to the stance of fighting deadly against its members for standing with its PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE they equally belong? Are they no longer members of the same Party?
It is horrible that we’re been beaten by our own works, made slaves of our convictions, to which the law permits us to so do. Maybe you don’t know. The land in question was not a political goodwill, but a legal property of the DISTINGUISH SENATOR LEE LEDOGO MAEBA JP that underwent all the valid processes of law, yet was revoked for no just cause.
It is evil, disastrous and satanic having such as a payback for our sacrifices and brilliant contributions for the progress of the government. It’s an absolute betrayal and ungodly wickedness.

Let me also use this means to inform the general public that, just yesterday, some of our brothers who are active members of our Party were SHOT at and MACHETED in OMUMA LGA, lying helplessly on their hospital bed for posting the Campaign posters of our PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR. The only sin committed by these men was exercising their right to Choice. Therefore, they deserve to die? It is barbaric and pitiable. At some point, one will ask, is it fair for a State Government superintendent by PDP Government in the State melt such horrible sanctions against its Party members? What is the fate of our DEMOCRACY in Rivers State? We have regret to say boldly that DEMOCRACY is under attack, and men of good conscious must rise up to comb up the unholy attitude of this Government if we must have a peaceful State or we perish together.
Apropos of this, we stand to vehemently condemn this ill actions of the WIKE LED STATE GOVERNMENT, and we employ the good people of RIVERS STATE to take caution as impunity sits in the center of the lifeline of the Government of Rivers State. Hence, violence and bad fortune occupy our State life.

I want to urge us to keep fate with our great Party, supporting all Candidates of our Party knowing that Rivers State is PDP, and PDP is Rivers State. Be rest assured, ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR will win and we shall be part of that History that’ll reposition NIGERIA for good.

Once more, I thank you for your patience and commitment to the very course for which we strive. May God Bless And Keep You.



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