The Time To Talk The Talk and To Reason The Reasons is Now

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Let me quickly do a review of how power has rotated between 1999 and 2015 under PDP.

  1. Obasanjo (South) …1999 to 2007 = 8 years
  2. Yar’Adua (North) … 2007 to 2009 = 2 years
  3. Jonathan (South)… 2009 to 2015 = 6 years

In all, South spent 14 years; North spent 2 years.

There is absolutely no reason why APC internal arrangement could apply to PDP as such application is seriously illogical.

i. That Muhammadu Buhari, a Fulani man chose to be nepostic doesn’t mean Atiku Abubakar will be.

ii. That Buhari shields Fulani herdsmen who are killing people in diverse ways doesn’t mean Atiku will do same.

iii. That Buhari failed to deliver as a Fulani man doesn’t mean Atiku will fail.

PDP is more prepared now than before to give good leadership that will birth Governance in Nigeria.

PDP is the only party that will never treat citizen’s welfare with levity

Atiku is a fulani man who understands what development of the economic sector is all about.

A company needs a good manager to drive her system to a standpoint. This is the mission of
Atiku/Okowa to the Aso Villa, the Nigerian seat of government.

Nigeria will be great again if we keep the right man for the Job not someone who believes it is his turn to preside over am inept government.

High Chief Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi olanrewaju
Members PDP PCC.
Funder Rot-Shade Helplinks initiative.

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