Tinubu and his bold ideas that are working-Olusola George Olumoroti (OGO)

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When we say Tinubu set up the foundation for a Lagos that works which is currently the 5th largest economy in Africa, that is what it is.

In the last two decades, one man that has consistently proved that tremendous public good can be achieved when a visionary leader is in the driver’s seat is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In just 22 years, Lagos has, unarguably, witnessed a remarkable transformation. This achievement is not by happenstance, but rather through deliberate and methodical planning and execution. Months before he was sworn into office, he had set up a transition committee, with a clear brief to fashion out short and medium solutions to the myriad of challenges confronting Lagos state in addition to developing a master plan/ blue print for long term development of Lagos state. That was a period where the majority of his other elected colleagues were still basking in the euphoria of their electoral success. Not Asiwaju Tinubu!

On his first day in office, Tinubu already had a plan of action in the form of a comprehensive development blueprint that will not only rebuild Lagos but set it on a path of sustainable growth; he quickly got to work by employing best brains that will help him achieve the set goals not minding ethnic or religious consideration. Today, there is hardly any developmental project going in the state that does not have the imprimatur of Tinubu, as in the development master plan for Lagos put together by his administration and a working succession planning.

He envisioned the Lekki Free Trade Zone and in 2006 entered into a multi billion dollars bilateral agreement with the Chinese government to develop Lekki Free Trade Zone, what a vision. Today, the Lekki Free Trade Zone houses the $3.5billion Lekki Deep Seaport, a sprawling industrial corridor to revitalise the economy of the state. The Free Trade Zone is home to the $17 billion Dangote

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