Tragic Death of Nigerian Talent Mohbad Highlights Urgency for Life to Matter-Dino Melaye, PDP governorship candidate

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The recent baffling demise of up-and-coming Nigerian talent, Mohbad, has added another painful chapter to the long list of unexplained losses the nation’s young generation has suffered. Coupled with the disturbing revelations about the brutal consequences faced by the unsung heroes of the End-SARS protests, and the perceived lack of action from investigative agencies, it is a harsh reminder that life is often undervalued in our country. If the youth truly represents the future of Nigeria, the question arises: how bright can that future be when the most promising individuals within the demographic are subjected to unguarded dangers?

The tragic reduction in the country’s youth population has worsened due to a lack of concerted efforts to track down and bring to justice those responsible for these evils. Numerous cases have emerged, showcasing the kidnapping or even the extraordinary extinguishing of members of the National Youth Service Corps, leaving families to suffer the anguish of their loss. Greater measures must be put in place to protect and preserve precious lives.

The time has come for Nigerians to adopt the philosophy of John Donne, who famously penned the words, “Each man’s death diminishes me.” Life is invaluable and irreplaceable, and should therefore be safeguarded and defended. This serves as an appeal to the security community, urging them to unravel the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s untimely passing. By doing so, not only will they address the profound public interest in the case, but also convey the message that every Nigerian life matters and can be accounted for.

As we strive for justice and its rightful pursuit, let us proceed with caution, so as to avoid further sorrow or any additional tragedies. May Nigeria be blessed as we seek a brighter, safer future.

Senator Dino Melaye,
PDP Governorship Candidate,
Kogi 2023.

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