Uniting for Victory: APC Governorship Campaign Council in Ijumu Inaugurated, Promising a Resounding Win

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship campaign council in Ijumu Local Government Area was officially inaugurated today amidst excitement and high hopes for the upcoming November 11 gubernatorial election. The Director-General of the campaign council, Hon. Richard Osaseyi, made a heartfelt appeal to party faithfuls and supporters urging them not to betray the party and assured them that the dividends of victory would be enjoyed by everyone.

The atmosphere at the inauguration ceremony was electrifying as dignitaries from all walks of life gathered to lend their support to the APC’s quest for victory. One of the prominent figures present, the Honourable Commissioner for Environment, Hon. Adewale Omofaiye, passionately urged everyone to be fully committed to the struggle and to ensure victory at all costs. He emphasized the importance of collective effort and reassured the people that their dedication would not be in vain.

Highlighting the significance of their mandate, the Director-General reiterated the need for massive voter turnout in all wards of Ijumu Local Government Area. He stressed that their goal was to prevent any of the opposition parties from securing 25% of the votes in the region. This would solidify the APC’s stronghold in Ijumu and pave the way for their candidate to claim victory in the governorship election.

Members of the campaign council, upon their inauguration, expressed readiness and determination to achieve success in the forthcoming election. They expressed confidence in their ability to lead the APC to victory, assuring the party and its candidate that they would spare no effort in securing a resounding triumph.

In addition to the spirited pleas made by the APC campaign council, Alhaji Lamidi, who spoke on behalf of the Ijumu Oke people, urged the electorate from that region to wholeheartedly support the APC. Lamidi conveyed a message of hope and assurance, stating that the party had been canvassing from house to house to secure an “Ododo Victory” for the people of Ijumu Oke. He affirmed confidence in the APC’s ability to emerge victorious in the November 11 election.

Honorable Omotayo Ishaya, the member representing the Ijumu constituency in the State House of Assembly, directed her words to the women in attendance. Convinced that they were the party’s most committed voters and possessed the largest voting strength, she passionately implored them to come out in mass and embrace their power to vote for “Ododo.”

In a resolute display of confidence and optimism, the Chairman of Ijumu Local government area, Hon. Taofiq Isa, attended the grand inauguration of the Ijumu APC campaign council declaring that history was on their side. Hon. Isa emphasized that the party had never suffered defeat at the hands of the opposition in the past, and firmly stated that the approaching election would not be an exception. With unwavering determination, he assured party members and supporters that victory was imminent, while urging everyone involved to work tirelessly towards a successful campaign.

As the crowd cheered and exclaimed with excitement, the aspirations of the APC Governorship Campaign Council in Ijumu became clear. This cohesive and determined group of individuals, guided by Honorable Osaseyi and the other notable party leaders, have embarked on a mission to secure a resounding victory in the upcoming governorship election. With their collective dedication and mass support, this transformational journey promises not only a victory for the APC but also a brighter future for Ijumu and its people.

With the APC Governorship campaign council fully operational and an unwavering determination from all quarters, Ijumu Local Government Area is set to be a key battleground in the impending governorship election. The stage is now set for a fierce political contest, and only time will tell if the hopes and aspirations of the APC will materialize, bringing about a vibrant future for the people of Ijumu.

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