Valentine’s Day Celebration:Members of ONA-ARA Movement express gratitude to founder ESV Olugbenga Collins Rotimi for his selfless acts of love and generosity towards all members

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Members of the ONA-ARA Movement are overflowing with gratitude as they express their heartfelt appreciation to their esteemed founder, ESV Olugbenga Collins Rotimi. In a remarkable display of love and compassion, Rotimi has gone above and beyond by generously gifting each member, regardless of their location.

This act of charity and giving has left an indelible mark on the hearts of the movement’s members, setting ESV Rotimi apart from other privileged individuals in the community. The beneficiaries of his kindness have been overwhelmed by his selflessness and unwavering commitment to spreading love and positivity.

As they joyfully receive their gifts, members of the ONA-ARA Movement offer prayers of blessings and continued success for ESV Olugbenga Collins Rotimi. They believe that his exceptional character and ethos will continue to flourish, and they express deep gratitude for his enduring dedication to their collective well-being.

With this incredible act of love, ESV Rotimi has solidified his position as a beacon of hope and inspiration within the ONA-ARA Movement and the wider community. His gesture serves as a reminder of the transformative power of love and the profound impact that a single individual can make.

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