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By Hamidu Tete Jibrin kupa

Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership. Such leadership comes from deep inspiration to move society forward on godly principles. It is absolutely forgiving, purposeful and manifestly unique from the just ordinary. It reaches out sincerely to perceived enemies knowing that dissent is not a call to permanent destruction of the bonds of brotherhood. It brushes aside any hate agenda knowing that its bitter fruits destroy us and generations ahead.

It is this realization that spurred Mahatma Gandhi’s political ideology in India. The same thinking altered the course of events in South Africa where Nelson Madela invoked arguably the most impactful leadership principles founded on forgiveness to save a nation already on the path of Golgotha. Before then, Abraham Lincoln has set a best example in political resilience. Martin Luther King Jr. reshaped the destinies of the Diaspora Black Race with the power of new leadership methods never before thought workable.

In Hon. Sunday Karimi Steve , we find an uncommon leader with resilience of spirit to heal our Senatorial district for the good of ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. In him we find a man who will not spill blood for power – for true leaders don’t kill their followers; they protect their lives by applying uncommon wisdom to reach judgments. In him we find a noiseless giver to society. In him we find a compassionate and humane personality so rare in this clime. In him we find a completely detrabilised personality. In him we find an extremely resourceful genius in wealth creation. A man with an amazing marathon capacity to stay the course without bitterness in his heart and therefore always ‘fresh’. An uncommon achiever yet amazingly humble. But we must concede he is not a spotless saint. He is flesh and blood like Gandhi, Lincoln, King and Mandela.

When we say VOTE For Honourable Sunday Karimi Steve, we say so for the good of all. It is a sincere call to action. Get ready to reshape our common destiny. Talk to your family members, friends, and neighbours that 2023 is THE MOMENT OF DECISION. We must get it right without bitterness.

Pray, Canvass, Mobilize, Support And Vote Honourable Sunday Karimi Steve and all APC Candidates for Qualitative, responsive, Effective, purposeful and Egalitarian Representation come 2023.

So help us God


This message is coming from Comrade Hamidu Tete Jibrin kupa Write from Kupa South Ward in Lokoja2 Constituency

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