We Are Committed To The Unity And Progressive Of Kogi State; Comrade Abdulganitu Jimoh, D.G Ododo EBIGO Connect

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The New Kogi State Project Remains A Surest Part Way For Economic Growth And Human Capital Development. Sustainable skills is very key to the development of our dear state,we need to seat up.
And therefore everyone one in position of authority from Kogi state should as a matter of fact embrace Our efforts in piloting the The Ododo Ebigo connect.
Because our activities at the project would definitely strengthen the Unity and leadership competency of our people in kogi State both home and abroad.

This all important point was brought to the front burner again today 10th of August,2023 at the just concluded induction ceremony of the 2ND SESSION MANDATORY TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Organized by the Chartered institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria.

The Ododo Ebigo position was strongly delivered by the Director General of Ododo Ebigo Connect Comrade Abdulganitu Okaraga Jimoh while giving a brief speech to some friends after the induction ceremony as FELLOW which was held at the federal university campus in Lokoja earlier today. Ododo project is the kogi agenda and he urge them to play and active role in the state politicking,contribute your quoter to the development of the state by setting developmental agenda for the government.

Comrade Abdulganitu Jimoh who reinstated his Commitment towards the consolidation , permutation and Mobilizations moves tailored at a greater and unified kogi State promised to give all his best for the Unity and Progress of the State.

While appreciating the organizers of the event for the Honour bestowed on him , he pledged his unalloyed commitment to ensure that the people of kogi State enjoys good leadership under a united and peaceful state

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