Workers Day 2023:Kogi PDP Governorship Candidate, Melaye solidarises with Kogi workers

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***says Kogi Workers are on the threshold of history as deliverance awaits them when they vote for me as the next governor of Kogi State on November 11


I salute, and solidarise, with the hardworking, overworked, underpaid and resilient workers of Kogi State on the remarkable occasion of the 2023 Workers’ Day.

I thank God for giving you the grace to survive the hardship, deprivation and dehumanisation that have become the state policy in the last seven years of Yahaya Bello’s bad governance. I bring you a message of hope. Just as it was the experience of the children of Israel before God sent Moses to deliver them from bondage, Kogi Workers are on the threshold of history as deliverance awaits them when they vote for me as the next governor of Kogi State on November 11, by the grace of God

As you celebrate today, I want you to ponder on this: If the man, who as Auditor General of Local Government is credited with the design and implementation of irregular percentage salary becomes the Governor, God forbid, what hope does he offer workers? It’s nothing but a licence to kill. Voting for him will be nothing but self-immolation

It would have been understandable if percentage salaries are paid and other welfare packages are in place, but it has been a tale of woes, misery and sorrow under Yahaya Bello, as there have been no housing programmes, no leave allowances, no training and no fixed salary. As the legend Bob Marley sang; no one but you can set yourselves free. Kogi Workers have a golden opportunity to untangle themselves from Yahaya Bello and his hangman, otherwise, the suffering they have experienced in the last seven years will only become a dress rehearsal

I want to assure our great workers and pensioners that not only will their welfare be a priority, all those who have been unfairly treated by the satanic screening of Yahaya Bello will have their cases reviewed, with the aim of compensating, reinstating and promoting, as appropriate. No one will live on your sweat any longer. The funds of our state that have become investment capital for Bureau de change, estates in Abuja and Dubai will be available for infrastructure, social development and human capital development

I wish all Kogi workers a memorable celebration. Please vote for the PDP, to recover lost grounds, and to continue with the various housing programmes, welfare packages and other incentives which have all been abandoned by the Yahaya Bello administration. It’s time to recover from all the years that the political locusts caterpillars and cankerworms have eaten in our state. Your morale is extremely low now, but very soon your dignity will be restored. You can stop the exploitation.

God bless Kogi State.

Senator Dino Melaye. PDP Candidate for Kogi State Governorship. 2023

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