Yagba West Dino Melaye PDP Campaign Council carpets Yagba West APC Claims of PDP Women Leaders Decamping Proven False, says Yagba West PDP Remains United

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In a stunning development that has left the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State red-faced, the claim that several key women leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had defected to the APC has been confirmed as nothing more than a baseless fabrication fueled by wishful thinking. The truth, it appears, is far from what the APC had hoped for.

Despite efforts by the APC leaders in Yagba West to create an impression of relevance at the grassroots level, it has been made abundantly clear that the people of Yagba West firmly reject the party’s ideology and tactics. Their reputation as a “dying horse” seems apt, as their attempts to sway public opinion with unsubstantiated claims have only exposed their desperate grab for power.

The Yagba West Dino Melaye PDP governorship campaign council stated that one of the key figures in this unfolding drama is Janet Amos, the PDP Local Government Women Leader, who has steadfastly remained loyal to the party. Her dedication is echoed by Comfort Oloni, the women leader of Ejiba Ward, and Kemi Adeola, the leader of Ward 02 in Oke Egbe. These influential women have proven through their unwavering support for the PDP that their commitment to the party’s values and principles remains unshaken.

The APC, it seems, is sadly mistaken if they believe that their actions will fool the people of Yagba West into considering a party that is seen as having relegated the average citizen of the state to mere beggars. The PDP in Yagba West stands firm, united, and ready to deliver a resounding victory for the party in the forthcoming November 11 governorship election.

While the APC leaders in Yagba West desperately scramble for relevance, it is evident that the PDP remains the party of choice for the people of the local government area. The truth cannot be hidden, and the people of Yagba West will not be swayed by empty promises or deceptive tactics. The message is clear: the PDP is the preferred party, and the upcoming election will be a testament to the unwavering support and unity of the people.

In the face of these revelations, the APC’s claims stand exposed as nothing more than a feeble attempt to maintain a semblance of control and influence. The people’s rejection of the APC in Yagba West is a clear indication that they are ready for change, ready for progress, and ready to elect leaders who prioritize the welfare and aspirations of the average citizen.

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