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Hon. Leke Abejide Member House of Representatives, Yagba Federal Constituency has officially been conferred as the “Asiwaju Yoruba Kano”.

The conferment event was the largest gathering of Yoruba people in Kano under the reign of Oba Yoruba in Kano, His Royal Highness Alh. Engr Muritala Alimi Otisese (Adetimirin-1) witnessed dignitaries and highly profiled Yoruba people from all walks of life, alongside, His Excellency, Alhaji Umar Ganduje the Executive Governor of Kano State.

Hon. Leke Abejide received an epoch welcome from the paramount ruler of the Yoruba people in Kano with other emissaries and residents of Kano state.

Hon. Leke Abejide’s conferment of Asiwaju Yoruba Kano was said to be based on his developmental strides, support and contributions to the economic development of Kano and the Yoruba community.

His Highness Alh. Engr Muritala Alimo Otisese characterized Hon. Leke Abejide is a business magnate with a great sense of humour towards development.

“We are here to recognise the impacts of people who have contributed immeasurable to the growth and development of Yoruba people in Kano through good works and services to uphold the dignity of humanity.

Therefore, the Yoruba people in Kano have found him worthy, to deserve this honorarium as the Asiwaju Yoruba Kano. This is to inspire him to do more in his service to humanity.

The Governor of Kano State, His Excellency Alh. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje presented the certificate of honour and conferment to Hon. Leke Abejide while encouraging him to continue in his quest to promote the course of Yoruba people in Kano and its environs.

Hon. Leke Abejide received the conferment as the Asiwaju Yoruba Kano. The leader of the Yoruba People in Kano while appreciating the governor, the Oba of Yoruba His Highness Alh. Muritala Alimi Otisese, the council of Chiefs and the Yoruba people in Kano for the prolific recognition.

In his statement Hon. Abejide said, time will not permit us to speak of the largest and most prosperous city of Kano, but for this occasion, I will like us to reminisce on the fact that from time immemorial the city of Kano has been the epicentre of hospitality welcoming diverse races, colours and peoples from all walks of life who live harmoniously together. It is for this reason that Kano today is one of the largest and most prosperous commercial centres in Nigeria and Africa at large. Basking in the city’s warmth and cosmopolitan euphoria the Yoruba community of Kano (among other Nigerian ethnicities) is enjoying an immense and unprecedented level of harmonious relationship which is, in turn, the catalyst for the great economic contribution of the Yoruba Community that we are today witnessing”.

“I am pleased to say that I have spent almost my entire adult life in Kano State where God who led me by the hand enabled me to build formidable businesses with an interest in Shipping, Logistics, and Oil & Gas. As Chairman of Abyem Diva Group, headquartered in Kano I have more than 200 staff in my
company’s employ. I am currently on a 4-year National Assignment which has taken me away from my day-to-day activities in Kano to Abuja to be a Member of the House of Representatives representing Yagba East, Yagba West and Mopamuro Federal Constituency of Kogi State. And by the grace of God and the leave of the Speaker of the House I am today the Chairman, House Committee on Customs & Excise”.

“I take HIS HIGHNESS’s conferment of the title “ASIWAJU YORUBA
KANO” on me as truly humbling and a great honour. It is humbling in the light of the fact that the Yoruba race is one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, and also that the Yoruba race extends beyond Nigeria’s borders to other West African Countries in scattered groups in Northern Togo and Benin. This truly brings to light the value of our convergence, particularly, in Kano.

“Congratulations to other recipients of the Chieftaincy title, I take this Honour as a triple feather to my cap as by the grace of God and the benevolence of my people I am the ASIWAJU OF YAGBA LAND (comprising the 71 towns and villages of Yagba East LGA, Yagba West LGA and Mopamuro LGA in Kogi State), and the ASIWAJU OF ALU KINGDOM (my native home town)”.

Hon. Leke Abejide prayed that God Almighty will grant his desires for prosperity and harmonious co-existence of the Yoruba among themselves and other ethnic groups.
While commending the administration of His Excellency Alh. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for promoting tolerance and ensuring harmonious co-existence between and among the various ethnic groups in Kano.

He expressed his gratitude to HIS HIGHNESS, OBA YORUBA KANO
OTISESE (ADETIMIRIN-1), the OBA-IN-COUNCIL and the ENTIRE DESCENDANTS OF ODUDUWA IN KANO for the phenomenal honorary conferment.

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