Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo Spelling Bee Competition 2024: A Spellbinding Experience at Kogi State’s Grand Children’s Day Celebration

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Get ready for an unforgettable Children’s Day extravaganza in Kogi State, brought to you by Aseda Films and the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. This carnival-like jamboree, set for 2024, promises to dazzle and inspire both kids and adults alike.

Highlighting this celebration is the prestigious “Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo Spelling Bee Competition 2024”, a one-of-a-kind educational event designed to enhance literacy and knowledge among our youth. The competition kicks off on May 26th with preliminary rounds, culminating in the grand finale on May 27th at the Glass House, Government House in Lokoja.

In addition to the spellbinding spelling bee, attendees can expect a vibrant march past and a plethora of engaging activities at Mohammed Buhari Square in Lokoja. This event will showcase the finest of Kogi State and showcase the myriad opportunities it has in store.

The Children’s Day celebration underscores the dedicated efforts of the Office of the Wife of the Governor and the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to nurture and uplift the children of our state. To participate or sponsor this event, reach out via WhatsApp at 08133256373.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this incredible celebration and show your support for the budding leaders of Kogi State. The time is now to invest in our children and their bright future!

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